Creation and design of decorative ponds.

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    Using water as a decorative element and the inclusion of water bodies in the planning of a garden has a long tradition. Since time immemorial, water has played a crucial role in the decoration of gardens and parks. In ancient Egypt, Pharaoh Ramses III ordered to construct a lake for fish breeding.

    Aqua - Design and decoration of the reservoir

    More than 4,000 years ago, the harmonious ensemble of water, rocks and greenery in their gardens created the ancient Chinese. According to them, and pushes the water visually enhances the space, bringing the soul to eternity. Water was the chief ornament of European parks (the classical French gardens in the XVIII., Formal gardens the same time). Today, water is a mandatory part of the landscape design.

    Contemplation of the water, whether sea, a fountain or pond, has a therapeutic effect. Water source gives us a delightful feeling of freshness and freedom, creates an atmosphere of serenity and peace. Water magic is so strong that it magically transforms the space. Even a small garden pond makes a living, pushing its boundaries, it reflects the sky, clouds, and riparian vegetation.

    Aqua - Swimming Pool

    Colourful reflections dancing reflections of light, instantly changes the surface, splashing and gurgling streams attract attention. In many cultures water is associated with freshness, light, movement, and is the source of life. Water - one of the eternal fascination of nature.

    Aqua gives us the opportunity to look afresh at the garden, revealing his amazing face. Sources of water a variety of shapes and sizes, ponds, pools, streams, fountains, birdbaths, - key elements of landscape architecture, and their flora - enriching the range of cultivated plants.

    Aqua - Pools with waterfalls and cascades

    Water - the center around which we sometimes construct the composition of the garden. Our website tells you about the creation and execution of ornamental ponds and other water sources, both static (pool, pond) and dynamic (waterfalls, cascades, streams).

    Armed with new ideas and inspired by the beauty and originality of design projects, you will be happy to proceed to implement their creative ideas to transform your garden into a wonderful place to relax.



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